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New no-compromise mountainwear brand Jöttnar was conceived in the Arctic by two Royal Marines officers.  

Nite makes stylish, functional watches with the outdoor enthusiast in mind.  What makes them tick?

A look at Torm, the up-and-coming cyclewear brand

Really Nice Stuff: Nite Watches The Outdoor Times Really Nice Stuff: Tørm Cyclewear Birthday Weather competition People: Shona Thomson The Spine Race Portraits from Base Camp

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The Magic of L'Eroica


Alex Ekins’ striking portraits of Sherpas (as well as a few well-known faces) were taken in a makeshift studio at Everest Base Camp

Tony O’Donnell considers the unique appeal of L’Eroica, Italy’s famous festival of vintage, which visits the UK for the first time in 2014

Ultrarunner Andy Mouncey on the Spine Race, in which competitors run the length of the Pennine Way in winter

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Film review: The Epic of Everest Film review: The Crash Reel Book review: It's A Hill, Get Over It

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Book review: The Light Elsewhere by David Pickford Book review: Britain's Highest Mountain Walks Film review: The Last Great Climb

Scottish runner Shona has added a North Pole marathon her haul of seven marathons on all seven of the world’s continents

People: Paul Diffley

Filmmaker Paul is the founder of award winning climbing film company Hot Aches Productions, makers of Distilled, Wide Boyz and others

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A comprehensive history of fellrunning by Steve Chilton.  Reviewed by artist, author and endurance athlete Heather Dawe

Daniel Wildey reviews a collection of mountain and travel photography from Climb magazine editor David Pickford

Trail magazine editor Jeremy Ashcroft pick of the UK’s highest and mightiest days on the hills, reviewed by Tony O’Donnell

Captain John Noel’s documentary film of the ill-fated 1924 British Everest expedition, reviewed by Tony O’Donnell

Lucy Walker’s documentary about snowboarder Kevin Pearce’s recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Reviewed by Tony O’Donnell

The third collaboration between Alastair Lee and Leo Houlding takes them to the Antarctic peak of Ulvetanna.  Reviewed by Tony O’Donnell

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We talk to Paul Diffley, founder of Hot Aches Productions and the filmmaker behind award-winning climbing films including The Long Hope, Distilled, Wide Boyz and the newly released Wide Boyz II - Slender Gentlemen


People: Paul Diffley

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